APPIA Consulting provides advice and continuous support throughout the whole Utilities value chain.

Our clients are players in the environment and energy sectors.  We develop partnerships between Utility stakeholders (Cities, Utility Managers, Public Authorities, Investors) and help them create sustainable value.

A project typically starts by defining joint goals and setting the right governance.  It can then take the form of a strategic review, a due diligence, a performance program or a Public Private Partnership, or any combination of the above.

Most organizations, and especially large scale public owned, have to deal with complex structures, a wide range of stakeholders and growing pressure with new policies, financial targets, sustainability goals, etc.

To achieve real and measurable improvement, not only you need the knowledge and ideas to improve your process and practices but you also have to focus your efforts and resources appropriately, as well as getting the commitment of your management and many of your stakeholders.

In Practice, once we are clear about your goals and expectations, we start with a comprehensive assessment, working hand in hand with your employees, promoting staff input and buy-in through all levels of the organization.  We leverage our broad expertise, know-how and best practices to identify improvement initiatives and design the roadmap for implementation.  We deliver more than a nice consultant report, we have the ability to support you in the implementation of the proposed solutions, with people who have done it before and know how to overcome typical roadblocks.

Specialized partners also support us on special topics where in-depth expertise is required.

To create sustainable change, our approach addresses all elements of successful transformation (capacity building, performance management, communication).

 Our business model is supported by a simple set of values and principles

- Focus on value creation and measurable results

- Cooperation models with gain or pain mechanisms

- Transparency

- Partnership with best in class experts

- Long-term focus

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